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Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

New Winterboots :D

I talked about my Rakuten order a few entrys ago :D

And~ I got the Boots I orderd a few days ago, but I was to lazy to write an entry about it XD

I was immediatly in love with those boots when I saw them first time on Rakuten *_*

I orderd the beige ones in M, actually I am fine with Size M but this time it is to big for me and it would have been better if I had orderd in size S ._.

Now I am thinking to buy another pair in brown or black, but I also think the red ones are adorable *O*
Ofcourse beige isn´t available in Size S anymore ;_;

Nevermind, I have to get ready for my travel to Berlin in a few minutes >o<
I am coming back tommorow~
see you


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