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Samstag, 6. Oktober 2012

pink wig, Ma*rs Hairclip, Alpacasso

Well long time passed by since I wrote my last Blog Entry.
Actually I planed to wait for my new clothes I ordered on Rakuten but somehow they seem to have some Problems.
I orderd about 4 weeks ago :(.

First they said they will ship my order on 30th September, but nothing....

Than they said they will ship today (6th October).....again: NOTHING!!
I am really angry about that ; _ ;

And to be honest I am thinking about canceling my order :/.

I mean honestly how long do they want me to wait for the clothes?
I want them now and I am already waiting for so long...

Today I got a package with my pink wig, a Ma*rs Hairclip and a small Alpacasso * _ *
I always wanted to try out a pink wig, and I admit I like it :o
Now I am thinking about gettin the same in turquise xD

I am wearing my beloved Ma*rs Jacket <3 
it is so fluffy and warm and haaaaaaaaaa
I LOVE IT ^ 3 ^ 

And my lovely new Alpacasso, his Name is Frederick XD
and the Ma*rs Hairclip <3

Hmm I have my Jobinterview in Bonn on Monday, and I am so nervous >o<.


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