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Donnerstag, 6. September 2012


Since my Shoes I ordered from Rakuten stucked in customs I refreshed the status every fuuuuu**** minute to see whats going on.
Yesterday aroun 18:45 the status of the shoes got refreshed and it goes from "Outward office of exchange" to "on hold"
"ON HOLD" ahhhhhh....I didn´t knew what that means because I never had a status like this on any of my orders yet.
I contacted DHL yesterday and got an answer todays morning about 7:00 o´clock.
They gave me an email adress on which I was possible to contact the german customer service of EMS.
I wrote an email.
Once again I had to wait, meanwhile I tried to contact DHL by phone as well. 
They couldn´t help me D: because they aren´t responsible for the Express Services -__-°
Well....I gave up at that moment.

But 11:44 I got an email back from the customer service which said that the package can´t be delivered because  there is no adress on it.
I was like O______________________o° ok
So I wrote my adress in the next email and they said they will tell it the customs in Frankfurt so I get my package in time...I told them I need the package on saturday xD.
Since 14:38 there is a new status for the package that says -
Yes it says nothing òÓ

I am really curios if I really get my Shoes in time >o<

Atleast there was one good thing today.
I got my Ma*rs Necklace (Yes it is a necklace I don´t know why I wrote Bracelet in the last entry XD)
It is so beautiful *~*

I will make some pics later :3

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